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JP:TempleDating”Jisya Con”


Do you know “Compa(コンパ)”? The Japanese word “Compa” which originally comes from “Company” means “Meetup” and if you put “Gou” before “Compa”, “Gou Com”(合コン) is “Speed Dating”. When you reach the certain age around 20s, some boys and girls go to Gou Com almost every weekend like Gou Com Fleak.

Speed Dating is functioned as a very important role of meetng up the partners in the reduced birth rate society. Before having a baby, it is very difficult to meet the right partner in the matured country. Online dating is so popular. However, we the Japanese cultivate Speed Dating Industry. Self introducton and playing some game and eating and drinking is not just makeing happen. Most of the people who have difficulty to find the right partner are SHY. So pretty obvious setting is a bit awkward for them. So the Japanese invented a variety of “Gou Com” such as cooking dating and golf dating…up to their interest.

I like Temple Dating since it is calm and cultural. At least you can learn something unique. It is a kind of attractive to imagine what kind of talks can be exchanged during such a situation. For your record, it is not religious but cultural.

website is little shabby but you can drop by Temple/Shrine Dating for new discovery!


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