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JP: Cool Summer “Art Aquarium”

During the Edo period when Sumurais controlled the Japanese Society, people had many ways to escape themselves from Summer Heat without A/C. Fan we call UCHIWA is one way, drinking/eating on the boat is another way. Also Edo people kept greens like Calabash and Lutus which brings the natural ice to your eyes and living things like cricket and nipponensis which brings the sound of breeze to your ears. One of them, there is KINGYO(Gold Fish) which make you feel cooling off. Kingyo that is now more than 100 kinds which identify by color, shape of eyes/tails/body.
If you see swimming Kingyo in a bowl with such a beautiful figure, it would make you feel cooler. Now modern people do not keep Kingyo a lot instead go to Aquarium in Summer to see dolphine and tropical fish.

This Art Aquarium in Nihombashi Tokyo brings you a bit different experience from ordinary Aquarium. It’s mixed with Art. So it is called Art Aquarium. The producer who used to work for aquarium is facsinated by not popular dolpines but simple Kingyo. The Art Aquarium is a kind of show by Kingyo. If you have no chances to come to Tokyo, you still can check out how it is like on youtube.


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