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JP: Coworking for Fashion Designers”Coromoza”

Having a ragged bag at my hand, I am stucked due to the lack of Sewing Machine at home…
Before every single household used to have a sewing machine as retail price without fast fashion was expensive. Now People just buy clothes anytime if needed. It was mandatory to learn how to use sewing machine at primary school. How to sew duster was the very fast thing you learn. I was so bad at doing that my male teacher did it for me. Now I would like to revenge. At the same time, too many products everywhere sometimes it is too much I feel. I would like to use my favorite thing as long as possible. Both needs drive me to get back to Sewing Machine after a long interval.
The Coromoza (The Place of Clothes) meets the needs although coromoza intends to target fledgling fashion designers. Apart from machines such as digital printers, sewing Machines, leather cutter, there are workshops, talk sessions etc to brush your skills!


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