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KO:Created by Seoul City “Seoul Innovation Park”

Disney Land can be Magical Park. What is Innovation Park ? Interesting.
During the stay in Seoul last week, I had a chance to figure out my big “?”
It is located in the north part of Seoul closed to the mountains including Mt.Bukhansan, which takes you about 20 min to get there from the city center. But it is worth visiting. The air is clearer. The formaly Korea National Institute of Health now Innovation Park is still under evolving. The area is so huge that you can even enjoy the walk around the complexes. There is a little farming space where vegetables grow. The Seoul Social Economy Center, Seoul Community Support Center, Seoul Creative Lab, and Youth Hub are collectively sharing the building and ideas. The government organization is regarded as a big boring place but this one flipped my assumption. The Park decorated with full of creativity such as handmade camping tent, shared bookself is filled with Korean Youth who is creating something virtually or physically. Just observing them or placing yourself in the spot makes you feel thriving new ideas. The place is not on the tour guide yet. Witness innovation driven by Seoul youth!


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