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JP:Buy your lunch if…”Gochiso”


Haven’t you ever said to your friend “Do you ask my favor…? I’ll buy your lunch.” At least I said it more than 100 times so far. Among the intimate relationship, you never give money in exchange of your favor. This is the platform of such activity. I like the idea. Through eating together in a casual setting, you will know each other too. Now roughly 60 projects are registered. You can find the project that you can help in the exchange of one meal at the price from JPY 1,000 to JPY 5,000. The company offering project varies from small startup to big corp. TOYOTA is seeking an interviewee on ONLINE GAME(interesting,,,) in exchange of JPY 5,000 value meal at the fancy restraunt. The platform intends to make company to conduct consumer research easier. Traditionally here in Japan 50-year-old house wife is waiting on the street to catch the target group to be interviewed. Once I was caught by them and gave some feedback on CM of a snack. For this, I received JPY 500 book coupon. Compared to the traditional approach, it is by far convenient for company. For interviewees, it is more visible that whom she/her is contributing to.
Gochiso means Tasty Meal.


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