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JP:3D PrinterSupport”Tecshar”

Yesterday I stopped by KDDI, one of three biggest mobile companies in Shibuya to attend tech meetup. All three mobile companies are now eager to incubate ventures. I don’t know other countries but here in Japan tech meetup is dominated by men especially geeky ones. Anyway there is one less geeky man who owns “TECSHAR”. He, an authentic ex-HITACHI engineer(Typical Japanese smart science-major man), is impressed by 3D printer. He quit the prestigious job and created the Data services for 3D printer. It offers not only Data but also services that actually prints with data you choose. More than 1,000 kinds of data is now sharing on the website. If you want to order to print, you also have a choice of materials out of 5. It takes about one week to be delievered. I see his passion towards 3D printers. Halloween’s Pumpkin is also available now.


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