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JP: Liberate medical records


In our modern society, many thing becomes visible by IT. But several things are still hard to crack the code. One of them is Medical record in Japan. I rarely go to see the doctor but whenever I go there, I am curious about how they write on the paper. Yes, they are still using the papers. When I was little, I recall doctors wrote in German which was major professional language among Japanese doctors. I try to look into those, doctors are usually not happy. They are simply embarrassed by their hand-writings…

Medical record is absolutely private information about myself but I can not reach it. It doesn’t make any sense to me. So this is the cool app and service which makes medical record liberated. Above the concept, I really liked interface design. Unlike other services in this industry, UX and UI gives off human touch. It is good that we can make sure that our doctor understand our symptoms well and the info can be shared with family members instantly by unlocking the code. The service is called “Everyone’s medical record” MINANO CARTE




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