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JP: Camellia SENTO (Public Bath)


SENTO is our culture which we can not forget… Back in days when we didn’t have a private bath at home before 1945, it is a social salon where people in community gathered. Even around 15th Century public bath was established from the ones limited only for monks  to purify themselves.

I am very familiar with SENTO culture as my grand parents owned several SENTOs in Tokyo back then. It was crowded and lively every night, some enjoy chatting and others relax with massage chair.

But nowadays community is falling apart and private bath is common. People rarely go to SENTO and the number has dropped significantly from 3000 in 1937 to 700 now including my grandparent’s. The challenge is experimented there some public bath is renovated to live house and gallery.  This is the Camellia themed SENTO produced by artist MINAGAWA MIKA located near Tokyo Sky Tree.

During your trip, why not drop by SENTO? It is a nice feeling to relax with a huge bath tub with friendly strangers.

Camellia SENTO


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