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JP: Independent Movie in Japan?

cinemoNowadays a variety of movies screened on a non-profit basis around Japan. I go to Cinema complex to see a typical “Hollywood movie”, which is fun. I also like the idea of checking those independent movies often forgotten in big screen. I recall our family used to have those Movie set with screen at home and invite the kids nearby and show the movie for free. Yes, my father was a geek in that sense. Independent movie doesn’t have a whole of excitement or extravagance, instead more heartful and insightful.

It is hard to check it out when and where they are shown unless you know the title. Sometimes friends invite me a four-walling, the info around them is very scattered…This Cinemo can help you find the screening place and time. Especially four-walling is great that audience could be more intimate…Why not you start a conversation with a movie?



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