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JP: Sword Cafe


Sword cafe is just open near Akihabara. (Akihabara is the holy place for geeks.) Once upon a time the image of Japan was sword and harakiri. Now it has been swept away but it does not mean we do not produce swords any more. Like guns in the states, the possession of sword is somehow controlled. The difference is that craftman of sword is also strictly managed by government. The craftman is basically family legacy. The lovers of swords are now spread out in the world. I heard one of the lovers of swords in Russia doesn’t physically posses their own swords in hand. They buy swords and store in Japan with perfect environment. Once in a year they come and take a look at their loving child.

The reason why I know these story is that my friend is the successor of sword craftman and he has just opened  sword cafe.

If you want to enjoy seeing swords while drinking or eating, you are welcome to stop by.

touken saryou


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