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JP: Personal tour concierge

You got lonely planet, checked trip advisor, but never satisfied? Travel guide service fast japan is something you should check out. It is very simple and well-organised. Not only tips … Continue reading

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JP: GuestHouse Guide in Japan

This is a very useful guesthouse guide. After an introduction of airbnb in Japan, there are more and more private accommodation, guesthouses. It is really hard to find which guest … Continue reading

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JP: Sword Cafe

Sword cafe is just open near Akihabara. (Akihabara is the holy place for geeks.) Once upon a time the image of Japan was sword and harakiri. Now it has been … Continue reading

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JP: tenarai do (Hand Learning)

The Japanese folks are used to make most of house-necessities such as MISO, kimono. Now we shop at store. It is nice to explore how they make it by backing … Continue reading

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JP: fujisan activities

Mt. Fuji (Fujisan) is the unbeatable spot where all travelers are attracted to. Hiking and climbing, strolling around Mt. Fuji is the best nature experience in Japan. Newly released app … Continue reading

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JP: Running in the air

This is the first attempt of the running track on the rooftop of shopping mall. This is called air track which is open to the public. It is located close … Continue reading

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JP: For Sea lovers

When you would like to know about the person, you sometimes ask “Which do you like better Sea or Mountain?” I answer Mountain as I prefer the smell of green … Continue reading

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