Social Innovation, Collobrative Economy around Asia

JP: ∞=Microfactory+Share Office+people

The whole renovated building is just for creators. It contains co-working space, kitchen (not just a pantry but a professional one), micro factory. Micro factory is one of the interesting … Continue reading

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JP: Sword Cafe

Sword cafe is just open near Akihabara. (Akihabara is the holy place for geeks.) Once upon a time the image of Japan was sword and harakiri. Now it has been … Continue reading

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JP: Multi function Gallery in Tokyo

In Shibuya again! There is a newly opened multi functioned space. It can be used for studio, gallery, wedding, any fun events. So far mainly it is for wedding though. … Continue reading

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JP: booklab Tokyo

New concept book store is just open in the heart of cultural town Shibuya in Tokyo. The mission of newly opened book store is to support “makers” like architect, designer, … Continue reading

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JP: Spot Consulting

“Spot consulting ” is now on trend globally. Some clients do not want to pay for extravagant fee to consulting firms. Of course sometimes fortune 500 CEO needs to have … Continue reading

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JP: tenarai do (Hand Learning)

The Japanese folks are used to make most of house-necessities such as MISO, kimono. Now we shop at store. It is nice to explore how they make it by backing … Continue reading

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JP: Find your true calling “Shigoto Hyakka”

Have you found your true calling? In Japan it is very hard to find the one. Job hunting for high-school or college students is a part of social system. They … Continue reading

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